My Secure Backup Service


43% of companies that suffer a major data loss go out of business.
Keep your data safe and secure with our MySecureBackup service. Whether you use as your only backup plan, or as part of a multi-tiered backup approach, our service is safe, secure, and reliable.


Our backup service starts with a small piece of software you load onto your computer. That software monitors your files and whenever a new or changed file is detected it encrypts the file and sends it off-site to be backed up.

The same service can act as both a shared drive for small office file sharing, and a backup for your computer or server data. Flexible configuration allows you to choose what to back up, how many copies to save, and how long to retain it.

Don't let your company fall victim to data loss — whether it be hardware failure, natural disaster, or even computer malware. The best proptection is a great backup.


Our online backup service features:

  • Scalable Plans for Home or Business
  • Free Software
  • Automatic Backups
  • Works on PC, MAC, or Linux
  • One account can backup multiple PCs
  • Service Level Agreement gaurantees 99.9% uptime
  • Secure: Encrytion meets PCI, HIPAA and other requirements


Cost/MoFree Storage Additional Storage/mo. Transfer Fee
$4.95 1 GB $1.50/GB $0.25/GB
$9.95 3 GB $1.00/GB $0.25/GB
$19.95 10 GB $0.75/GB $0.25/GB
$29.95 20 GB $0.50/GB $0.25/GB
$99.95 500 GB $0.25/GB $0.10/GB
$149.95 750 GB $0.20/GB $0.10/GB


Cost/MoFree Storage Additional Storage/mo. Transfer Fee
$39.95 50 GB $0.50/GB $0.25/GB

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