EMail Marketing


It's cheaper and easier to sell more to an existing customer that it is to acquire a new customer.  Email marketing is an excellent way to do that.  Every business is different. Let us craft a plan that works for your business.

E-Mail Marketing

People are busy. People get a lot of email. People still respond to a well crafted email, especially when it is properly timed to their needs.

We help our customers in building and segmenting their customer email lists. We also help in setting up an email marketing plan that will respect your customer's time and limited attention span, gets your message to them at the right time, and provide an appropriate call-to-action.

A properly crafted message and subject line, as well as carefully planned scheduling can dramatically affect the email results. Analytics on your email campaigns can help fine tune your messages and timing.


Many factors dictate the success of an email marketing effort, and it varies for every business. Here are some factors we find important.

  • Email Content and Presentation
  • Subject Line
  • Timing - Time of day, Day, Season, even Weather
  • Personalization
  • Call To Action
  • Landing Page
  • Special Offers
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