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Search Engine Optimization puts your search terms in the right locations so that Google will return your site higher in search results.  We will get you long term results using proven methods.


SEO is not magic — It's part science and part art. We use many techniques, but it all boils down to putting information on your website both visible and some not, where Google expects to find it, and avoiding doing so in ways Google will penalize you for.

Part of SEO is highly technical in making sure your site is fast, has the proper coding, and is mobile-friendly. Much of SEO is analytical, determining and then targeting the proper keywords and keyphrases your customers are searching for. Part of SEO is trial and error — in highly competitive categories and markets, some experimentation is needed to fine-tune your optimization.

All SEO requires analytics — You must track your results, both positions and more importantly website traffic and traffic quality and determine how it affects your bottom line.


Search algorithms continue to change daily and SEO should be an ongoing effort for maximum results. Here are just a few factors that are important to your SEO effort.

  • Fast, Compliant Website
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Keyword/Keyphrase Targeting
  • Technical Factors
  • Meta Inforamtion
  • Page Titles / Descriptions
  • Web Page Content and coding
  • Inbound Links
  • Geographical Factors
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