Social Media Marketing


There are as many approaches to Social Media as there are companies. Each industry and each company will need to develop their own approach and adapt to one that works for them. We can help where you need it to augment what you can do yourself.

Social Media

Social Media, like any marketing effort, should start with a plan. We can help you craft a plan around your business that will appropriately reach your customers

Strategies to target the most effective social network(s) for you, build followers, specify content and specify the schedule for posts would be part of the plan. How your other marketing plays into your plan should also be considered. For example if you are doing a local mailing and featuring a special on your website at the same time, how would you get the best synergy. Advertising within the social platforms could also be part of your social plan.

Implementing your plan is also important. We have helped companies that have the time and skills to implement the entire plan, and we have worked with customers that have us implement the entire plan, as well as sharing of duties. As long as the plan gets followed and results evaluated, you can build a successful social media plan.


Social Media marketing is more like gardening than hunting — You need to start small and nurture your efforts and you can expect to reap the benefits after the crop matures. You cannot expect immediate results like hunting, and you need to be committed. Here are some factors that may play into your Social Media Plan.

  • Long Term Plan
  • Content Creation
  • Posts: News, Specials, Pictures
  • Links: News, Content
  • Paid Advertising
  • Follower Building
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